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The Max-Level Player’s 100th Regression

The Max Level Players 100th Regression Cover

Alternative : The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player, 만렙 플레이어의 100번째 회귀

Author(s) : 여운,덕프,킹소다

Status: Ongoing

Genres : Action – Adventure – Fantasy – Mystery – Psychological – Shounen – Tragedy – Isekai

Views : 4,403,712

Rating : 

Individuals aged 15 to 25 across the globe find themselves thrust into a deadly game spanning twenty rounds. The protagonist, enabled by his unique regression capability, embarks on his 100th challenge. Having navigated the game 99 times before, he emerges with a power differential that sets him far apart from the rest. As he uncovers the condition for the final round—requiring a minimum of five participants—he strategically gathers a cohort to sidestep the repetition of past errors.

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